Yesi - Your Latina Escort & Erotic Massage Therapist


Hi there, Yesi here!


I'm an expert in delivering the right sensual massage so that you can feel the romantic effect even in your toes. My classy treatment starts when you walk in the door. I'm elegant and sexy to make you fully comfortable as you desire. I like to start off slowly as I stroke your inner thigh making my way towards your chest. I then start on the groin region where you will enter another realm of pleasure. The climax is of course mind blowing owing to the intensity.


For something intimate, I can offer you several massages. They include full body to body and nuru massages. Remember, they all come with a very happy ending. All my services are offered in the nude. I utilize warm oil as I engage the body to body move. My breasts on you with the warm smooth oil is definitely a recipe for happiness. I unlock all the potential of pleasure in areas you cannot even imagine. I believe that all men have not been fully exploited where the pleasure potency is concerned. I'm highly skilled to walk with you to the very satisfaction of every sense in your body.


It is really hard to describe with words how a deep massage employed skilfully can do to the human body and spirit. It reaches to the core of your nervous system where you can almost touch the divine. With the pleasurable vibrations all over your body coming back to remind you of the unforgettable experience. You can enjoy all this through my body to body massage that consists of the elements below.


- Harmonized energy level through naturist sessions


- Comfy, clean and warm location with shower facilities


- Synchronized mutual touching for intimate caressing


I have grown and evolved to make my art even better. Now, I consider this work highly sacred. You can reach me on the phone to engage in SACRED CONVERSATIONS.


I'm really an instrument or vessel for love. You can therefore use me as a muse. I create an environment of surrender where you can be your authentic self. I give you my heart so that you can fully tap into mutual pleasure that is rewarding.


For my nuru treatment, you can expect the following;


- Relaxing massage with assisted shower massage


- Pampering sessions


- Body to body experience using the nuru and lingam massage


Time spent with me promises fire and transformation energy. I will inspire you as I engage the tantric dakini medicine for a more explosive time. Together we can explore the hidden pleasure in our bodies for a blissful ending. You will be asking for more.


I look forward to serving you




078 5763 9410